Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not our best day...

So it's been an interesting day!

My early PGYSA meeting actually went well, although our subsequent emergencies have meant I couldn't do the follow up. I came home with the parts I needed to finish the toilet, but the design of the bolts didn't go well with the old tank, and as I was tightening them to stop the leaking, the tank cracked. So, back off out I went to get a new tank, which I did get done with minimal further leakage, and it does work well, although being smaller than the old one, it does look a little odd.

Then we did the music lessons, and went (successfully) to Rogers. I decided to collapse on the sofa for an hour and watch some cricket, which was clearly a big mistake. A couple of times, I thought I could hear a drip, but I couldn't see anything. I roused myself to start making dinner, and as I came back into the family room, I saw it... drip, drip, drip - right where the last drips had been...

Of course, having warmed the room up had probably set it off - I went out to do some roof clearing, but it actually seemed to be making it worse - probably due to the room getting warmer. Still, I did what I could before it got too dark, and we have one of the big green buckets under it, so we won't flood.

We watched our movie around the drips, and then I opened the windows to test my theory - if I cooled the room down, maybe the dripping would slow. Well, I don't know the answer to that yet, because a new drip started right in the middle of the window frame. So I shut the windows again, and came to write this rather than curl up into a ball and start sobbing, which might alarm the cats.

Looks like another insurance claim - I'll talk to them in the morning, and see if I can get the roof rake back from Caroline and Bruce - I'm an old hand at the snow clearing, I suppose, so that's one small positive to take from this.

Ah, it's probably not as bad as it sounds, but I'm really, really tired of winter now!

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