Friday, March 4, 2011

I am worried for the cats-perhaps they are not receiving enough attention from their humans!!

It was really nice to read all the posts and hear what has been happening, I am in a bit of ahurry today to gte back for 'tea', so I will be quick.

Today Pop and I went shopping, I saw Stig Easter Egg in M&S which I wanted to buy for you both, but it would be in bits by the time I got back-but look it up online -it may be there.

I cleaned out all Pops kitchen cupboards this afternoon and now I am at Grandpas for a chat and emails.

I am trying to sort out trains etc for meeting with Sarah, need to book for coming back to Aberdeen Tuesday.

It is mild and good weather here-the crocus hgave come out in Pop's garden.

Bot alot more to report really, hope soccer goes well tonight, and that Conor yuo have a good day.

I didn't hear that the drive way was clear of the bump, make sure it is being done!!

Must go and look up trains, enjoy your day off but help dad-are you up yet?

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