Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's a Scary Breaking Roof!!

Hello again sorry it was a little late when I wrote it because we just finished watching a movie which I will tell you about later in the blog. So at the start of the day we had to get up earlier than on a usual Saturday but dad had something to do this morning so we had to get up and do chores. Soon after dad got home from his meeting we went to our guitar and drum lessons. When those finished we went to rogers for a game and movie the game me and Cam got was a game called lord of the rings conquest which is really fun to play and we all got a movie called the sorcerers apprentice and we watched it today but yesterday when you read this. Also 1 hour before we watched the movie the roof started to leak!!:0 So we hope the snow will freeze over night and stop leaking. So that is all I think happened today. So bye!!


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