Friday, March 4, 2011

Late night

Bit of a late night for us - we'd done a swap with the Emmons boys today, and we all went there after soccer for dinner. Boys ate asparagus, even Cam. Although I think that was mainly because Itold him about stinky pee the next day!

No snow has been cleared from the deck, although Conor and Hudson spent most of the afternoon making snow caves in the back yard, while I tried to fix our toilet. That project was only mostly successful - it no longer constantly fills, but I need to replace the gasket and bolts, so the tank is empty overnight to prevent drips.

I have a PGYSA meeting at 9 tomorrow, so the boys will be left with chores to do - wonder how many will be done before I get back...

Anyway, we were delighted to hear from you, and we'll resume more normal service tomorrow. Oh, and if Aunty Heather's reading this, have a happy birthday! We'll try to call at some time, but it will depend on how quickly my meeting is done...

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