Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Day

Hello it's Conor I have had a busy day so far. First of all I got up at 6:53 to study for a test on Thursday. That reminds me that I have two tests tomorrow well really one because one is more of a quiz,but that still count's right? Well anyway I went to school early so I could play some basketball in the gym,But my legs were really sore so it wasn't the best thing ever:( So when I got to class I had math it was studying for the test tomorrow.We then started our portfolios which are folders with our favourite work we did this term. Then we had recces:) When we came in we started to study for our test in two days. Our subject to study is socials. In socials we are learning about the ancient Egyptians and how they lived. Then lunch came around. Once lunch ended we had silent reading I read a book about a boy who goes on a holiday in Hawaii and when he's at the beach he gets swept out to sea and now has to survive. After reading we all had even more study time so we had lots of time to study today. Once I got home I got a snack and did my math review. Once I finished that I took a break from studying. After dinner Dad and Cameron went out to soccer practice and me and mom stayed home. When the other guys left I sat down and did even more studying!! Once I finished that I wrote this:) Oh what's that I hear mom calling me to go make a smoothie. OK see you later.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

on my way...well almost

Just checked in for both BA flights-managed all by myself!

Just been out for lunch with Grandpa and Pop-went out in rain and back in snow-so just breaking me in gently for my return to the icebox.

Hope all has been going well with the tryouts and snow clearing activities, school and work-Saw Auntie Liz briefly at Stronsay today (she was dropping in soup for Grandpa) she is going to ask Uncle Alan to email a recent photo of Sasha that Donna took-so we must send one of boys to them.

Must go -can't wait to get home now-looking forward to seeing you all Saturday-I will call as soon as I can when at the hotel in Vancouver...hang on Spike I'll be home soon!

lots of love-mom xx

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Interesting day...

Yesterday, an icicle landed on Cameron's head as they were hanging out at the Night and Day at lunchtime. No serious damage done, I couldn't even see a bruise.

Today, however, he called me from school about 10.30 complaining of headaches and dizziness. I went and took him home, put him to bed where he slept for the next 4 hours. He woke up feeling brand new, spent some time on the treadmill to make sure he would be OK, then went to his tryout, where he played really well for the full 90 minutes. I have no idea if the icicle and the headache were related, or how he recovered so completely so quickly, but that's Cam for you...

In other news, Conor has a basketball game at Heather Park after school tomorrow, which has thrown our plans for the afternoon out, but I'm sure we'll figure it out, and PGYSA stuff is causing me to pull what's left of my hair out, but that's nothing new.

Remind me why I signed up for it, especially with everyone asking me to coach again...

Still no drips, but I haven't been back up to inspect the roof - I was going to do that this morning, but I had to go to work, and then there was the whole Cameron thing. Maybe I'll get to it tomorrow.

And, yes; we're counting the days :-)


Zoe and Heather

and how can Heather post rather than comment?

Monday, March 7, 2011


The drips have officially stopped! I must have got enough snow off the roof now, so we're no longer plagued by dripping. Not moving the bucket, though.

Not much else to report today, I'm afraid - a normal, quiet Monday - work, school, basketball, you know the drill. But no soccer, so we're going to watch something together instead. Calm before the storm, I think.

So, in the absence of anything else, have something to make you laugh:

late trains and buying a hand bag

So we started with late trains because of a broken down train in Montrose blocking the rails-but we jumped on a train going to Newcastle and reached Waverley only losing 15 minutes of shopping time.

Like a homing beacon we found NEXT and I bought two apirs of trousers which fit! Aunty Heather bought a pretty girly pink top for a 'do' she is going to.

In Debenhams I just had to buy a new hand bag-but it was for Aunty Heather's birthday-so I am OK-dad can get up off the floor.

Of course we had lunch in Hendersons-all looks the same-and it was wonderful.

So a great day all round and lots of girly shopping-you would have loved it!

Back up to Aberdeen tomorrow-be in touch when I can.

Love mom xx

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Drip latest!

The dripping has slowed dramatically - I won't say stopped, but compared to where we were, it's almost completely dried up.

Thanks, of course, to me spending practically the whole day battering away at the roof - I reckon I've cleared more than I did last time, which took me the best part of a week. Obviously my technique has improved!

I spoke to Bruce as we were negotiating over the roof rake (I have to promise to return it in under 2 years this time), and he told me we have a thaw on the way, which may or may not help. What did help was the cunning application of hot water bottles - not just for bedtime!

The boys and I have had a very pleasant evening - we watched Top Gear, I showed Cameron how to write some HTML code, so he could embed his video below (he knows how to make his link open in a new tab now as well), I jammed on the guitar with Conor, Cam and I had a serious talk about tryouts, and the possibility of being cut if there is only one team this year - he knows how seriously he has to take it now, which has not always been the case in the past - we studied some French verbs.

And now, I'm exhausted. I've just seen my work for tomorrow, and I have to go and visit the customer with the world's most annoying dog, so that should be fun...

And in all the excitement, we forgot to take the video back. Oh, well - some things never change.