Sunday, March 6, 2011

Drip latest!

The dripping has slowed dramatically - I won't say stopped, but compared to where we were, it's almost completely dried up.

Thanks, of course, to me spending practically the whole day battering away at the roof - I reckon I've cleared more than I did last time, which took me the best part of a week. Obviously my technique has improved!

I spoke to Bruce as we were negotiating over the roof rake (I have to promise to return it in under 2 years this time), and he told me we have a thaw on the way, which may or may not help. What did help was the cunning application of hot water bottles - not just for bedtime!

The boys and I have had a very pleasant evening - we watched Top Gear, I showed Cameron how to write some HTML code, so he could embed his video below (he knows how to make his link open in a new tab now as well), I jammed on the guitar with Conor, Cam and I had a serious talk about tryouts, and the possibility of being cut if there is only one team this year - he knows how seriously he has to take it now, which has not always been the case in the past - we studied some French verbs.

And now, I'm exhausted. I've just seen my work for tomorrow, and I have to go and visit the customer with the world's most annoying dog, so that should be fun...

And in all the excitement, we forgot to take the video back. Oh, well - some things never change.

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