Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Interesting day...

Yesterday, an icicle landed on Cameron's head as they were hanging out at the Night and Day at lunchtime. No serious damage done, I couldn't even see a bruise.

Today, however, he called me from school about 10.30 complaining of headaches and dizziness. I went and took him home, put him to bed where he slept for the next 4 hours. He woke up feeling brand new, spent some time on the treadmill to make sure he would be OK, then went to his tryout, where he played really well for the full 90 minutes. I have no idea if the icicle and the headache were related, or how he recovered so completely so quickly, but that's Cam for you...

In other news, Conor has a basketball game at Heather Park after school tomorrow, which has thrown our plans for the afternoon out, but I'm sure we'll figure it out, and PGYSA stuff is causing me to pull what's left of my hair out, but that's nothing new.

Remind me why I signed up for it, especially with everyone asking me to coach again...

Still no drips, but I haven't been back up to inspect the roof - I was going to do that this morning, but I had to go to work, and then there was the whole Cameron thing. Maybe I'll get to it tomorrow.

And, yes; we're counting the days :-)

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